Why choose Black & Black as your ecommerce agency?

Why Choose Black & Black?


Black & Black is the top-rated and leading Shopify Plus agency in New York.  We leverage the power of Shopify Plus to help our clients achieve their goals. Our core focus is on creating value by building intuitive and usable Shopify websites that allow our client's team to control content, manage sales, track inventory and ultimately sell more products. Brands such as Nili Lotan, Ed by Ellen, Solid & Striped, Krewe Sunglasses, Birdies Slippers, and Soludos trust Black & Black to design, build and optimize their Shopify Plus websites.



Black & Black has built a reputation for delivering best-in-class User-Experience design.

By undertaking a thorough discovery and immersion in our client's business,  we truly understand the business goals. We use this understanding as a driver for our approach to user-experience design.  Our in-house team of experts will create UX wireframes, design mockups and take a mobile-first approach, before the development of your Shopify Plus store.




We provide replatform & migration consulting services. Black & Black migrates websites to Shopify Plus from Magento, WooCommerce and other platforms that are not meeting the needs of our clients. Our developers will handle the data migration of products, customer and order data, as well as third party integrations with your CRM, ERP, IMS and other order management systems. If you’re just launching your product, we can assist with your Shopify store setup and consult on e-commerce best practices.

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Black & Black becomes a Shopify Plus Partner Agency

Black & Black is excited to announce that it has joined the Shopify Plus Partner Program. 

Shopify Plus, Shopify’s commerce offering for ambitious high growth, high volume brands are partnering with some of the most innovative and award-winning digital agencies in the world for its Plus Partner Program and Black & Black is pleased to be one of them.

Black & Black is a New York City-based Shopify Plus Agency. We leverage the power of Shopify Plus to help our clients achieve their goals. Our core focus is on creating intuitive and usable Shopify websites that allow your team to control content, manage sales, track inventory and ultimately sell more products. Brands such as Nili Lotan, Ed by Ellen, Solid & Striped, Krewe Sunglasses, Birdies Slippers, and Soludos trust Black & Black to design and build their Shopify Plus websites.


Some benefits of Shopify Plus:

1. Internationalization

One of the many benefits of Shopify Plus is you get 9 additional store clones to grow your business internationally (e.g.  .com, .com.au .co.uk, etc) by delivering an eCommerce experience tailored for different languages, currencies and seasonal trends with localised marketing.


2. Wholesale/B2B functionality

The Plus “Wholesale channel” gives your buyers access to a separate, password-protected business-to-business (B2B) store. You can enable tiered and custom pricing per buyer, bulk discounts, shipping rules, add wholesale-only products and review and edit orders before invoicing.



3. Unlimited staff accounts

More benefits of Shopify Plus include unlimited staff accounts. This allows you (the merchant) to grow your admin team (Advanced Shopify limited to 15 staff).


4. Lower transaction fees

With Advanced Shopify you will be charged 0.5% per transaction and with Shopify Plus only 0.15%. So, if you do $1M p/a in sales the fees will be $2,500 p/a on Advanced and $1,500 p/a on Plus. Let’s say you do $10M p/a… your savings total an amount of $10,000 in annual fees, if you choose to go with Plus.

Note: If you use Shopify Payments there is 0% transaction fee on both Advanced and Plus.


5. Custom checkout

We (your friendly and talented agency) are enabled access to customise and improve you on-site checkout experience; these customisations can ensure brand consistency and inevitably, up your online conversion rates. Now, isn’t that what it’s all about? This is definitely up there with one of the more desirable benefits of Shopify Plus.


What’s more, with Plus we can:


Add a free product to cart via discount code

Create extra, custom fields in checkout e.g gift message box

Utilise social logins via multipass

Enable address autocomplete

benefits of shopify plus


Custom SSL certificates are also exclusive to Plus so if you want a ‘green bar’ aka EV SSL to increase customer trust then Plus is a must.


6. Exclusive and faster API calls

Um… what’s an API?


Put simply an API receives requests and sends responses. So, think of it as a ‘connector’ for integration between systems. With Plus you get access to exclusive APIs, such as:



Gift cards


Multipass/single sign-on and user

Without these you will be limited with what can be integrated from some third party apps and systems. Plus also provides increased API limits (500% more). That means faster API call rates.


7. Smart promotional tools

With Plus, merchants receive exclusive access to Launchpad so you can easily plan and automate all of the activities necessary to executing a successful flash sale, product launch, or sales campaign. Launchpad gives you the power to schedule bulk changes to your store that coincide with the start/end of your desired campaign/event.


As well as this, with Launchpad, you can also monitor and manage campaigns and create invitation-only and limited-release product collections.



8. Advanced discount engine

The Script Editor app lets you create scripts that are run each time a customer adds items to their online cart. It covers line items, shipping and payments. Scripts can have many uses, from discounting products with specific tags to running promotions such as ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free’.


9. Operations/automation

Flow allows you to construct, import and configure automation processes and business logic. For example, with Flow, retailers can automatically change shipping rates for high-volume customers or provide rule-based discounts, such as offering $20 off to shoppers who have purchased more than three times in the past six months. Flow provides the agility necessary to create backend customisations designed to instantly boost productivity.


Shopify Plus also gives you access to Avalara AvaTax which automatically handles international sales tax calculations from over 12,000 taxing jurisdictions.


10. Service & Support

As a Shopify Plus merchant, you receive exclusive support to Shopify’s priority support, a Launch Manager to assist during the build and migration. You’ll also get a Merchant Success Manager to provide ongoing support post-launch.


At Black & Black , we work very closely with Shopify Plus’ Launch Managers and Merchant Success Managers to enable new beta features and ensure you’re staying up to date with how quickly the platform moves.


This extra service and support really adds a new layer of value around Shopify Plus.


About Black & Black:

Black & Black is an award winning digital design, development & end-to-end ecommerce consultancy for Intelligent brands seeking growth in the online marketplace. Black & Black specializes in creating best-in-class ecommerce websites for fashion and lifestyle brands.

For more information, visit www.blackandblackcreative.com or email info@blackandblackcreative.com

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We are hiring: Front-end Developer in Austin Texas and New York City

Front-end Developers are critical to everything we do at Black & Black. They are actively involved throughout the project lifecycle, often times starting with rapid prototypes early in the design phase. In some cases, the end goal is high-fidelity prototypes, but most of the time the developers will ultimately be writing clean, production-ready code, which will be integrated with the backend/APIs and refined via the QA process. A Front-end Developer will remain engaged through the launch to ensure that everything functions and performs at the highest level.

Our Front-end Developers must work very closely with the design team, not only to identify gaps and vet the designs for feasibility, but also to help inform the experience design through a technical lens. This is particularly important in the increasingly responsive web, where developers and designers need to work hand-in-hand to find solutions to a wide range of design challenges.

5+ years of front-end focused web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) 3+ years of responsive, ideally mobile-first, development
Shopify Liquid Templating Experience
3+ years of mobile web development with a strong understanding of mobile browser capabilities

Extensive experience with a CSS pre-processor (e.g. Sass, Less) Extensive experience with cross-browser compatibility

Experience with source control (e.g. Git) Experience with back-end integration and server-side templating Some experience with client-side templating (e.g. Mustache.js, Handlebars.js) Some experience with client-side JavaScript MVC frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js) Experience integrating with 3rd party social APIs In-depth knowledge of JavaScript and CSS animation techniques

Demonstrated knowledge of client-side performance analysis and optimization techniques Demonstrated use of vector graphics Desire to mentor and lead other developers, and share knowledge with the broader team

B.S/M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent Prior agency experience TDD/BDD experience Experience using Selenium/WebDriverJS/Jasmine/Protractor Extensive experience with one or more of the following back-end frameworks/platforms: Laravel, CodeIgniter, node.js, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Wordpress Extensive experience with AngularJS Mobile app development experience in Objective-C (iOS) and/or Java (Android)

Please send your resume to laura@blackandblackcreative.com

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